Basic Items To Buy For Your Newborn

Congratulations on your new baby! If friends and family are planning showers for you, put together a list of items you could really put to good use.

Must-Have Items Worth The Money
Ask for a great car seat and have it professionally installed by a policeman on a car-seat check day. Be absolutely certain that the seat is the correct size and will fully support your baby as they get stronger and more able to move around on their own.

Get a portable play pen for your baby for the daytime. As your baby grows, they’ll want to reach and explore, and moving around in a play pen is safer than being on the floor during their first few months.

If money is tight,consider a baby box to start. This box is cushioned and will give your baby a cozy feel with its high walls, but will greatly reduce the risk of any soft goods blocking the baby’s breathing.

Baby clothes are fun to buy. They’re brightly colored, loaded with cute themes, and look wonderful on the new baby. However, don’t waste your money on fancy outfits that will be worn once and outgrown. Let your baby show off the new outfit grandma bought!

Accept any and all hand-me-downs your offered, and let friends and family who want to give you a gift know that onesies and pajamas would be most appreciated. One nice outfit will work great for a new baby when you need to go out; at home, comfort is key. If it’s warm enough, your baby may be perfectly happy in a diaper.

Get one small box of each name brand and generic on the market and test drive them before you invest heavily in diapers. Allergies are not uncommon, and the last thing you need is a lifetime supply of diapers that make your baby miserable. If you get the chance to sign up for a diaper subscription baby shows, make sure you can get out of the subscription with no additional fees.

Get the best diaper trash can you can afford or invest in trash bags and empty the garbage at least once a day.

If you plan to breast feed, consider investing in a limited number of glass baby bottles. The plastics industry has switched from bisphenol A, but history has taught us that health issues from plastics can crop up years later. Glass bottles don’t release chemicals.

Babies are a tremendous joy, but birth is rigorous and can be exhausting. When friends and family offer help and gifts, accept them! Let them share in your joy and reduce your burden.

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