How to Prepare Your Business for Upcoming Baby Shows

Many expectant parents regularly attend baby shows that are hosted in key locations across the country. Through their attendance at these baby shows, they want to connect with top local service providers, learn valuable tips to help them make the transition to becoming parents, get free or discounted merchandise and services and more. If your business caters to expectant parents in any way, you may benefit from hosting a booth at these shows. You can most easily prepare your business for upcoming baby shows and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your attendance by following a few steps.

Prepare Your Booth
One of the most important steps to take when preparing for attendance at a trade show is to prepare your booth. Learn more about the dimensions of the space you will be provided, and verify that you will have electricity outlets in place. Some venues provide you with one or two tables as well. Learn more about the features and services that come with the booth space as a first step. Then, think creatively about how you can decorate your booth. Remember that trade shows like these are crowded events, and you need to have an eye-catching presence if you want to maximize your benefit for attending it. For example, lighting and sound can be eye-catching elements that draws attendees to your space.

Think About Giveaways and Door Prizes
One great way to get your booth the attention it deserves is to give free giveaways and door prizes. People love freebies, and some may expect to receive them at these events. You can give away everything from a sample jar of your baby food to a free night of babysitting service, a free maternal massage and more. You may even offer on-site massages for expectant mothers or other on-site services.

Establish a Lead Capture Method
The main purpose of a trade show like this is for your business to gain recognition and for you to get leads that you can follow up on later. This follow up may be through emails, direct mail or even phone calls. To maximize this benefit, you need to establish a lead capture method. For example, you may have a clipboard available with a sign up sheet for more information, or you may ask attendees to enter in a raffle drawing, and they may need to provide their contact information to enter the raffle.

Preparing for baby shows can be a lot of work, but this work can often be well-rewarded. Carefully research the baby shows that you want to attend. Then, follow these steps to help you prepare for the upcoming shows.

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