Reasons Why Every Parenting or Expectant Mother Should Attend a Baby Show

Some lifetime events like getting a baby can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for the first time moms. Various key players on the child education in Canada have come up with different activities to help the mothers learn the core skills of motherhood. Baby shows and expos serve as one of the places where thousands of pregnant women and parents of young infants meet and get to learn. There are experts, vendors, and items for sale that prepare the mother for the developmental stages in a child. The shows run for several days to a week. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for any baby shows around your province.

Fun Activities

Every show in the country attracts more than 100 boutique brands and a large number of vendors. Parents, expectant mothers, and children engage in different activities available at the show. Some of the kid’s activities that you will find in almost all shows include kid’s yoga, puppet shows, and kid’s music jam sessions. The mothers also engage in interactions with their fellow parents, enjoy the live bands and music as well as receive guidance from the experts present at the expo. Most baby expos have a diaper changing area and a pram park that allow convenient shopping.

Expert Talks

First- time mothers have a lot to gain from attendance in a baby show following the pregnancy and parenting talks and seminars held by various specialists in the expo. Some of the topics covered in the shows include:

• Fertility (both male and female) and the pre-pregnancy health
• Pregnancy exercises and staying healthy during pregnancy
• Taking care of yourself after delivery
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition
• Lessons on breastfeeding and weaning including increasing your milk supply
• Grooming and baby wear
• Communicating with your child among others

Shopping Experience

Apart from the lessons and various activities that take place on the baby shows, the parents also get to shop for different baby items at discounted prices. Shows are also the best places to compare different brands there is in the market. Some of the Expos feature competitions where the overall winner goes home with some dollars. Most companies launch their new products on such events. You also do not want to miss the free samples and pamphlets that different companies have to offer.

Acquiring a Ticket

The baby products manufacturers sponsor the events and events from the start to the end. However, anyone intending to attend the event should buy an advance ticket that allows entry to the event. Most of the baby shows tickets are available online, so you just need to apply and print it before getting the event date. Remember that the ticket pays for your entry to the show but does not cover the products you purchase.

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