Reasons Why Every Parenting or Expectant Mother Should Attend a Baby Show

Some lifetime events like getting a baby can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for the first time moms. Various key players on the child education in Canada have come up with different activities to help the mothers learn the core skills of motherhood. Baby shows and expos serve as one of the places where thousands of pregnant women and parents of young infants meet and get to learn. There are experts, vendors, and items for sale that prepare the mother for the developmental stages in a child. The shows run for several days to a week. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for any baby shows around your province.

Fun Activities

Every show in the country attracts more than 100 boutique brands and a large number of vendors. Parents, expectant mothers, and children engage in different activities available at the show. Some of the kid’s activities that you will find in almost all shows include kid’s yoga, puppet shows, and kid’s music jam sessions. The mothers also engage in interactions with their fellow parents, enjoy the live bands and music as well as receive guidance from the experts present at the expo. Most baby expos have a diaper changing area and a pram park that allow convenient shopping.

Expert Talks

First- time mothers have a lot to gain from attendance in a baby show following the pregnancy and parenting talks and seminars held by various specialists in the expo. Some of the topics covered in the shows include:

• Fertility (both male and female) and the pre-pregnancy health
• Pregnancy exercises and staying healthy during pregnancy
• Taking care of yourself after delivery
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition
• Lessons on breastfeeding and weaning including increasing your milk supply
• Grooming and baby wear
• Communicating with your child among others

Shopping Experience

Apart from the lessons and various activities that take place on the baby shows, the parents also get to shop for different baby items at discounted prices. Shows are also the best places to compare different brands there is in the market. Some of the Expos feature competitions where the overall winner goes home with some dollars. Most companies launch their new products on such events. You also do not want to miss the free samples and pamphlets that different companies have to offer.

Acquiring a Ticket

The baby products manufacturers sponsor the events and events from the start to the end. However, anyone intending to attend the event should buy an advance ticket that allows entry to the event. Most of the baby shows tickets are available online, so you just need to apply and print it before getting the event date. Remember that the ticket pays for your entry to the show but does not cover the products you purchase.

Baby Shows And The Exciting Products You Can’t Miss


Raising a child is a tremendous job. Whether soon to be a mom, a new mother or one with a couple of years’ experience under the belt, we all need a little help from time to time. And that is what makes baby shows such a unique opportunity. Showcasing a wide variety of items, these shows not only allow to purchase every item a mom could need, but they also offer amazing discounts. Here are some of the things showcased in a babytime show in Toronto.

1. 4Moms Breeze Playard

Any mom knows how difficult it is to organize a play pen in an unfamiliar location where your baby could play to their heart’s content without any harm befalling them. The 4 Moms Playard comes with its very own mattress and the frame is locked. So, you do not have to worry about your rambunctious little one accidentally unlocking it. It also has a removable bassinet that allows you to change your baby with very little hassle. And finally, the most fun part is how you set it up. Just push the middle. It’s that easy. Overall, a very nice product, very easy to install and wrap up again.

2. Diono Rainier Car Seat

If you want your baby to travel in complete comfort, this is the car seat to go for. The Rainier allows for up to 50 pounds for rear facing, 90 pounds for forward facing and 120 for booster mode. Adjustable angles, straps and harnesses make your child extra secure while not compromising on comfort. It has steel frames and aluminium head rests that give your child an added protection. But what sets the Rainier apart is that it is one of the few car seats which allows for rear-facing, and up to such a large weight limit. Statistically, rear-facing children are less likely to be fatally injured in a car accident, which makes the Rainier the best choice possible.


3. DearBorn Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are especially important for newborns as they need the tight fit to help feel secure. DearBorn blankets are soft, smooth and sure to not cause the baby any irritation or discomfort.


4. Others

Love Child Organics showcased its range of organic snacks for your child. Baby’s”R”Us and Sears also flaunted their range of babywear and furniture for the nursery. The show also remembered the moms’ needs, featuring Avi Mama displayed their line of nursing and maternity clothes.

There were of course tons of products not covered in this article. For the complete list check out the video below.

The Top Must-Do Activities at Baby Shows

There’s always so much to do at baby expos, but if you have never been to one before, the idea of going can be daunting. There are lots of different games and activities, booths and products and seminars and informational panels at these events, and it can be hard to choose exactly what you want to do in the little time that you have.

Some things are fun, and others are geared more toward education. The best idea is to get a little bit of both. The following is a list of the top things which you should plan on doing it your next baby expo two reap all of the most important benefits.

Do go to the free seminars, and take advantage of free nursery care while you’re at it.

Many baby shows have free nursery care for moms and dads who are interested in going to the free seminars and forums. You should definitely take part in the seminars because they offer the newest and best information on how to take optimal care of your babies and children in healthy ways. But you should also take advantage of the free nursery care while you do this because kids certainly do not want to sit through these seminars.

Do take home awesome swag.

There are always tons of free and discounted products at these events. You can come home with bags full of toys, diapers, bottles, snacks and treats and other goodies that you and your children will love. Often, however, you’ll need to ask for these freebies. Don’t be afraid to because that’s what they’re there for! Most of the freebies will be available at booths that are demonstration and selling their own baby care products and treats.

If you like games and competitions, go for it! You might win something.

There are lots of chances to win things at these events as well. From fun games like baby crawling contests to raffles and drawings, the chances of winning at these events are actually quite high, so it pays to participate. Of course, many of the games and competitions can just be fun as well.

If you have a baby show coming up in your area, don’t hesitate to go. If you’re slightly intimidated by the many activities and things that will be going on at the baby show, consider taking a fellow mother or father with you, or ask a relative to go long. You may choose to take your children and babies with you or go with adults only. There are naturally many things for children and babies to do and play with at these events, but it can also be a good idea to simply go with adults and spend the time learning.

3 Reasons to Go to Baby Expos to Promote Your E-Commerce Business

If you operate an e-commerce business that sells baby-related items, you are probably always looking for new and exciting ways to promote your company. After all, working from home and running your own business can seem like a dream come true, but you do have to drum up business if you want your venture to be a true success. Even though you might have thought about paid advertising, social media advertising and other similar options, one thing that you might not have thought about is going to baby shows for people in the baby business. These are a few reasons why this can be a great way to promote your baby-related e-commerce business.

1. Meet Others in the Industry

One excellent thing about going to baby expos is the fact that it gives you the chance to meet with others who are in the same industry that you are involved in. sure, it’s true that working from home and running your own business can be great, but the bad thing about it is that it can get a bit lonely. After all, when you’re working on your computer, you might not get a lot of face-to-face interaction like you would if you were working in a more traditional environment. Getting out there and going to baby expos can be a wonderful way to make friends and acquaintances who are involved in the industry, which can be good for both your morale and your business.

2. See What Your Competition is Doing

Another great thing about promoting your business in this way is the fact that it will allow you to see what your competition is up to. At your average baby expo, you will see tons and tons of booths from companies that all have a similar target market to your own. Some might be similar products to what you sell, and others might be vastly different. Either way, it’s smart to know what else is out there so that you can see what is popular in the industry and what you are up against when promoting your business.

3. Expose Your Business to Your Audience

You might be surprised by the number of people who actually attend baby shows and baby expos. Many are new parents, expecting parents, retailers who are looking for products to sell in their brick-and-mortar stores and more. By attending these expos and doing what you can to promote your business, you can expose your company to a huge audience.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why you should consider going to a baby expo to promote your e-commerce business. These are just a few of many reasons to look for local expos that you can attend.

How to Prepare Your Business for Upcoming Baby Shows

Many expectant parents regularly attend baby shows that are hosted in key locations across the country. Through their attendance at these baby shows, they want to connect with top local service providers, learn valuable tips to help them make the transition to becoming parents, get free or discounted merchandise and services and more. If your business caters to expectant parents in any way, you may benefit from hosting a booth at these shows. You can most easily prepare your business for upcoming baby shows and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your attendance by following a few steps.

Prepare Your Booth
One of the most important steps to take when preparing for attendance at a trade show is to prepare your booth. Learn more about the dimensions of the space you will be provided, and verify that you will have electricity outlets in place. Some venues provide you with one or two tables as well. Learn more about the features and services that come with the booth space as a first step. Then, think creatively about how you can decorate your booth. Remember that trade shows like these are crowded events, and you need to have an eye-catching presence if you want to maximize your benefit for attending it. For example, lighting and sound can be eye-catching elements that draws attendees to your space.

Think About Giveaways and Door Prizes
One great way to get your booth the attention it deserves is to give free giveaways and door prizes. People love freebies, and some may expect to receive them at these events. You can give away everything from a sample jar of your baby food to a free night of babysitting service, a free maternal massage and more. You may even offer on-site massages for expectant mothers or other on-site services.

Establish a Lead Capture Method
The main purpose of a trade show like this is for your business to gain recognition and for you to get leads that you can follow up on later. This follow up may be through emails, direct mail or even phone calls. To maximize this benefit, you need to establish a lead capture method. For example, you may have a clipboard available with a sign up sheet for more information, or you may ask attendees to enter in a raffle drawing, and they may need to provide their contact information to enter the raffle.

Preparing for baby shows can be a lot of work, but this work can often be well-rewarded. Carefully research the baby shows that you want to attend. Then, follow these steps to help you prepare for the upcoming shows.

What to Expect At Baby Shows

Baby shows provide a great and unforgettable experience for both expectant and new mothers. Baby shows offer the opportunity to learn about parenting techniques and new products while interacting with other parents and celebrating this exciting time. A baby show convention is essentially an intimate get together for parents seeking the best and most innovative products and services available on the market. Apart from including a wide variety of luxurious baby brands, a lot of baby show conventions also cater for the needs of both eco-friendly and more conservative families. Below is a detailed breakdown of what you can expect at a baby show.

Baby show conventions bring together most of the best companies in the baby industry, placing them all in a common location so that consumers can easily access every single vendor. These conventions usually include celebrity guest appearances and educational workshops on an array of parenting topics. Additionally, interactive fun games suitable for entire families, swag bags, and prizes are often included with the intention to not only entertain but also help every new parent with their baby.

Nursing or changing areas
Because the expectation usually is that a lot of families with existing children will attend such events, baby shows are very well catered to new mothers. There always are separate areas set away from the crowds to ensure parents can either change or nurse their children in privacy. Since specific brands sponsor most of these areas, mothers usually get to hear about brand promotions and learn about new baby products while they are catering to their children.

Massage therapy
Apart from providing you with helpful tools and information for your kids, mothers will also be well taken care of and pampered at a baby show convention. The reason behind this pampering and extra attention is that the chances of having a healthy baby without a happy and comfortable mother are close to none. As such, maternity massages are often offered to pregnant moms, in addition to which parents are taught about the benefits of pre and post natal massage.

Safety classes
Security and convenience are both hot topics among parents. As such, baby show conventions usually give a few classes on safety measures and how to make the task of parenting a lot easier and more convenient, which is a major attraction for parents expecting their first child.

Question and answer sessions
Baby experts are usually available at baby shows for question and answer sessions, providing an excellent way to get updated on the information you did not know and never had the chance to ask. Because baby shows are places to learn all you can about parenthood, no question is off limits. Sharing your stories with other parents and passing on whatever you found helpful is also encouraged since it ensures new parents learn from people who have been in their shoes before.

Life lessons Through Baby Shows

You might be wondering whether attending a baby show would be worth your while. Having a little knowledge about what you can learn from baby shows is bound to help you decide. At well-organized and high-quality baby show conventions, both new and expectant parents can expect to learn a little bit more about the following.

At a baby show, vendors usually provide a variety of beneficial services. Proprietors and managers of child care centers, life insurance personnel, personal care representatives, and midwives often attend baby show conventions. These professionals aim to provide answers, additional information, and guidance to new and expectant parents. Every parent at a baby show has the opportunity to seek information from any of these professionals. The main aim of a baby show convention is making helpful information readily accessible to ensure parents learn what would best fit their children.

Maternity items
New and expectant parents can find a multitude new clothing styles at baby shows. Such conventions usually feature formal and informal clothing designs for children and pregnant women. Informative books, special pillows, and video material on the process of childbirth are a few of the maternity items one can find at a baby show. Also featured are creams and lotions capable of making new-born children and expectant mothers a little bit more comfortable.

Safety supplies
The safety supplies featured in many baby shows are usually the best in the market. In addition to the course of action during emergencies, parents learn how to keep their kids out of harm’s way effectively. Preventative supplies are some of the safety supplies featured at such conventions, and they are usually available for perusal and purchase. Through seminars and on a one-to-one basis, baby care experts provide parents with helpful tips on how to ensure their families are safe and secure.

Items and equipment
Baby shows feature a lot of items and equipment suitable for children. As such, every parent in attendance gets the opportunity to see and learn a lot more about the exciting, latest, and technologically advanced products on the market. New clothing items for children, nursery furniture, toys, strollers, and a wide variety of baby foods and formula are usually on display. While some of the vendors offer free samples, providing a detailed and enlightening literature on the products displayed is customary. The information availed often includes pros and cons. In addition, baby care professionals are always in attendance and available in case a parent needs advice or additional information about a featured product.

Baby shows feature several seminars on topics such as food and nutrition, breastfeeding, parenthood, and general childcare. Since participation usually boosts bonding, family fun activities and presentations open to entire families are also on offer at baby shows. Apart from expanding the knowledge of parents, attending a baby show also helps to improve parental confidence, especially when it comes to childcare. Check out the The BabyTime Show website if you want to learn more.

Basic Items To Buy For Your Newborn

Congratulations on your new baby! If friends and family are planning showers for you, put together a list of items you could really put to good use.

Must-Have Items Worth The Money
Ask for a great car seat and have it professionally installed by a policeman on a car-seat check day. Be absolutely certain that the seat is the correct size and will fully support your baby as they get stronger and more able to move around on their own.

Get a portable play pen for your baby for the daytime. As your baby grows, they’ll want to reach and explore, and moving around in a play pen is safer than being on the floor during their first few months.

If money is tight,consider a baby box to start. This box is cushioned and will give your baby a cozy feel with its high walls, but will greatly reduce the risk of any soft goods blocking the baby’s breathing.

Baby clothes are fun to buy. They’re brightly colored, loaded with cute themes, and look wonderful on the new baby. However, don’t waste your money on fancy outfits that will be worn once and outgrown. Let your baby show off the new outfit grandma bought!

Accept any and all hand-me-downs your offered, and let friends and family who want to give you a gift know that onesies and pajamas would be most appreciated. One nice outfit will work great for a new baby when you need to go out; at home, comfort is key. If it’s warm enough, your baby may be perfectly happy in a diaper.

Get one small box of each name brand and generic on the market and test drive them before you invest heavily in diapers. Allergies are not uncommon, and the last thing you need is a lifetime supply of diapers that make your baby miserable. If you get the chance to sign up for a diaper subscription baby shows, make sure you can get out of the subscription with no additional fees.

Get the best diaper trash can you can afford or invest in trash bags and empty the garbage at least once a day.

If you plan to breast feed, consider investing in a limited number of glass baby bottles. The plastics industry has switched from bisphenol A, but history has taught us that health issues from plastics can crop up years later. Glass bottles don’t release chemicals.

Babies are a tremendous joy, but birth is rigorous and can be exhausting. When friends and family offer help and gifts, accept them! Let them share in your joy and reduce your burden.